If you can find a website of our kennel in the wreath of the web pages, then love of dogs breed English bulldog, which forms part of our breeding kennel already taken root in your heart and we are pleased to welcome you to our site! We hope that our virtual acquaintance will help you assess the noble beauty and elegance of the King of the dog world - Bulldog.
Dogs, on the site - the result of many years of breeding. But we're not going to stop, and we believe that the new generation of our bulldogs, inheriting the best parenting qualities surpass their ancestors. For there is no limit to perfection! We are proud of our bulldogs have for what they are in this world, and we want to say that these wonderful dogs affect the individual strings of the soul of man for his devotion, intelligence and unique beauty.
As a professional kennel, we have a responsibility to improve the breed, and we are sincerely interested in the fate of each pet, which crosses the threshold of the kennel to their new owner. Getting in our kennel bulldog, you can always count on the advice and support on education, housing, feeding, care, exhibition training, breeding, dog registration documents in the RCF, and documents to transport the dogs in Russia and abroad. We always are glad to help and answer all your questions!
We hope that our site you will find something useful for yourself, or at least get a lot of positive emotions. It's one of the main destinations Bulldogs - to give love and happiness to the owner and the people around them.

Enjoy your viewing!