If you decide to buy a puppy, it is best to contact the nursery. A serious approach to the choice of purchasing a healthy puppy guarantee, cleanliness pet with a stable nervous system and the relevant standard of the breed type.
Acquire a puppy to the age on or after 45 days. By that time, puppies are vaccinated, accustomed to independent feeding. They cease to be dependent on the mother, and can easily adapt to a new family. Up to 45 days of age can choose and reserve a puppy.
IMPORTANT! We value our pets and very carefully and responsibly select them new owners. It is important that our students have lived a long and happy life, been loved in their new homes. Sorry, but the letters with only one question about the price of the animal we are not responsible. If you want a puppy, your name, address, that you have a kennel (site), your plans for our animal.

Puppies born in kennel

October, 17 2016
2 male&2 female from

Naruto Senen-Manga x Bogurt Brosh Yantarnaya


October, 27 2016
1 male&2 female from

Gurmari Viking x Mavlas Mar *ss Vostochnqya Arabesqua